Education & Training

As part of its long-term vision as a prominent employer of local resources in Azerbaijan, since July 2010 Saipem Asia Azerbaijan Branch, in partnership with Junior Achievement Azerbaijan, has been pursuing a sustainability educational initiative called ‘Summer Internship for Young Graduates’.

The main idea behind this initiative is to establish a formal mechanism to allow talented youth to develop on-the-job experience during summer internships in Saipem, to acquire practical skills and, in general, to prepare for the workplace before they formally enter the labour market. Saipem Asia Azerbaijan Branch signed a partnership agreement with Junior Achievement Azerbaijan (JAA) for the selection of the most suitable young candidates from the Azerbaijan Oil Academy and other technical universities of Azerbaijan. These would undergo targeted training in the disciplines and skills required by Saipem. Candidates would then be assessed and the best ones would have a chance of being recruited by Saipem at its offices in Azerbaijan. In January 2011, 30 students were selected to participate in ‘Success Skills’, a programme designed to provide engaging, academically enriching and experiential learning sessions in work-readiness education and career perspectives. Upon completion of the programme in April 2011, the students submitted their workbooks and CVs to JAA who, together with Saipem, conducted a selection process based on student performance during the training programme, on post-training evaluation and on interview results. Five students were then selected to participate in the internship programme in Saipem. These were assigned special targets indicated in the Job Shadow Programme guidebooks and all department heads were provided with a ‘Workplace Host Guide’ to help then mentor the internees better during their internship. Within 3 months the students had fulfilled their targets and completed the projects assigned. As they stood out for their efforts and their willingness to work for Saipem, it was decided by Company management to keep them on as ‘Trainees’ until the end of 2011. In the second phase of the initiative, Saipem and JAA will fine-tune the programme’s mechanisms to maximize their beneficiary impact both on Saipem and on the community where it operates. To this end, the partnership between Saipem and JAA has been renewed for the 2011-2012 academic year in the Youth Work‑Readiness Programme. This time, however, it will target only final year students, since these will be in a better position to enter the workforce at the end of their internship. Finally, in addition to the Azerbaijan Oil Academy, JAA plans to involve students from the Azerbaijan Technical University and the University of Architecture and Construction.