Towards capacity building in local communities

Petrex’ presence in Colombia dates back to 2008 and at the end of 2011 the company had 8 drilling rigs in the country. In 2011, Petrex carried out a variety of projects, all targeted at local communities.

In 2011 Petrex ran a series of initiatives to improve health awareness and conditions. For the first time ever the company involved both government run and private health operators in Ciénaga. Together they provided vaccinations and organized several workshops covering dental care, optometry and gynaecology. Overall 700 people attended these events. Moreover, the ‘Mochida de Valores’ Project, the Cultural Project and the Football Academy Project were conceived for students of local schools. The aim of the first two initiatives, which involved 550 and 100 students respectively, was to reinforce cultural identity and values. The Football Academy, on the other hand, sought to instil a sports culture through practical training. A total of 40 children participated. Lastly, in order to improve the skills of local housewives, Petrex organized the Baking and Sewing workshop. The 25 women who participated were later able to contribute to their families’ incomes.