Towards capacity building in local communities

In order to increase youth employability, Saipem Kazakhstan Branch planned and performed an initiative to enhance and develop active, meaningful and self-reliant job search techniques. During 2011, the Company Branch with the cooperation of the NGO Business-Molodezh Atyrau and the Population Employment Centre thus organized a three-day seminar for young people. An assessment of competences and personal interests, strengths, labour market needs and specific employers was conducted, and a lesson was given on the most effective methods and techniques for self-presentation currently available and their application in a typical situation. The 60 students in attendance from various technical and liberal arts colleges learnt about the current state of the labour market and were given the addresses of sites and recruiting organizations as well as a number of key recommendations for a successful job search. Upon completion of the seminar, the students went away equipped with all the knowledge and skills (including interview skills) required to prepare their portfolio for future employment.