Saipem has promoted and implemented a series of actions to control the risk associated with personnel transport management and to improve road safety on Kashagan Projects.

In 2010 an In-Vehicle Monitoring System (IVMS) was installed on all Saipem vehicles to monitor violations of road safety rules via web reports. An HR disciplinary scheme was set up based on IVMS records and Saipem introduced new requirements for driver contracts which include, for example, driver selection and number of working hours per shift.
Saipem also implemented new requisites for car rental contracts in terms of vehicle maintenance criteria. Further initiatives to increase road safety include organization of ‘Defensive Driving’ and ‘First Aid’ courses for all drivers. Finally, Saipem updated the Journey Management Plan and insists on its enforcement for subcontractor vehicles also.
A dedicated Transport Safety Officer has the task of analysing vehicle data from the web, checking that Journey Management Plans have been implemented, organizing a driving safety campaign and structuring an incentive scheme for the best driver of the month, who will be chosen on the basis of scores recorded via IVMS. Following installation of the IVMS, a meeting was held with all drivers to demonstrate the characteristics of the system, the data recorded and the disciplinary scheme that was to be implemented.
The cost of purchase and installation of IVMS for the 23 vehicles was €27,600 and web access to data is €1,400 per month. The ‘Defensive Driving’ training course conducted by a third party trainer in Kazakhstan and the ‘First Aid’ course provided by Saipem doctors involved 34 drivers for a total number of 544 training hours. For vehicles monitored via IVMS, the road traffic accident rate decreased from 3.7 per million kilometres driven in 2010 to zero in 2011. The introduction of the IVMS, together with the positive effects of the other measures implemented (such as the training and awareness campaigns), has proved to be effective not only against the frequency of car accidents, but also as regards the seriousness of the road safety violations recorded.