Towards capacity building in local communities

Through the Sustainability Talent Programme, the Company seeks to motivate community groups such as housewives to contribute economically to their households by developing activities that they can carry out without having to leave their homes.

To this end, Petrex organized three courses: the regional cuisine course, in Iquitos, and the delicacy preparation and chifle preparation courses in Talara. The regional cuisine course focused on housewives who already had previous experience in the food business. It helped them to refine their cooking skills and balance the different food types so they could improve the quality and range of their products. In the delicacy preparation course, participants learned how to make different savoury and sweet delicacies for event catering. In the chifle (banana chips) course, on the other hand, the housewives learned how to prepare this typical North Peruvian snack in a way suitable for marketing. All these courses included a section on business husbandry, teaching participants how to estimate costs, set prices and calculate margins. Not only, therefore, did the course provide them with a specific skill, it also gave them a tool for increasing their household income.